New You In 22 Diet Results – Day 15

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So here I am on day 15, two weeks into the three week New You In 22 diet program and I’m loving the results. Here’s my weight loss chart:

New You In 22 diet results day 15

New You In 22 Diet Results

As of this morning I have lost a total of 7.2 pounds in two weeks. I started on New You In 22 fifteen pounds above my target weight. I don’t expect to reach it in 3 weeks. You just don’t lose that fast when you are close to your weight loss goal. But it looks like I will be more than half way there at the end of this program and that would be great. I can just repeat it 🙂

I’m still not finding it difficult. Yes the low carb days are very low carb – the choice of foods is narrow, but at least you don’t have to count calories or carbs! And you do have the high carb times to look forward to. I’ve enjoyed planning those meals. I’ve found it is better to plan them and not just eat everything in sight – not only for weight loss but because I feel bad physically now after eating too much of the wrong foods. Like I’ve stopped thinking about pizza and chocolate and I’m looking forward to having oatmeal tomorrow 🙂

Flexibility of the Plan

Something that’s great about this type of plan is that it’s flexible for eating out. If you want to go out to eat, either in a restaurant or at a friend’s house, you can just make sure those dates take one of your high carb slots and you’re free.

New You In 22 Weight Loss and Gains

I have gained after my high carb meals so far because I just ate so much! You can see the two blips in the graph at the top of this page. But don’t forget, if you’re on any kind of regular weight loss diet where you follow the same kind of plan every day, there will be blips when you have a gain, especially if you are weighing yourself every day. What I like about this one is that you can rely on that little bit of weight coming off again fast, as long as you go right to the plan. And that gets easier as you enjoy the meals more.

The higher carb days should also prevent your weight loss from stalling. With regular diets it’s common to have plateaus where you stop losing for a while, and they are very disheartening, leading to many people abandoning their diets completely. I don’t think that would happen on a carb cycling diet like this one. So if you can ride out those blips and even come to expect them, I think more weight will be lost over the 3 weeks than on a regular diet.

What To Eat on the New You In 22 Diet

When you follow this plan I’d recommend using their meal plan. You don’t have to have exactly the meals that they suggest for particular days, but look at the menus and pick and choose to create your own plan for a few days ahead. That way you can shop for the right foods and most importantly, you don’t end up eating the same thing every day. That’s a killer for any diet.

The meals in the menu plan are actually less restrictive too! There are foods in there that are not included in the list of approved foods for if you’re creating your own meals. That seemed weird to me at first and I admit I have embroidered a little on the meal plan to add some meals of my own creation, but I guess the point is that if you are following the menu plan you will only have a certain amount of those foods. If they put them on an ‘unrestricted’ list you might go ahead and eat them at every meal, and then your weight loss would suffer.

In summary, I’m still loving the plan and very happy with my New You In 22 diet results with 7.2 pounds lost after two weeks on the program.

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14 thoughts on “New You In 22 Diet Results – Day 15

  1. Deb

    Hi Just wondering I am on day 12 of this diet. At day 10 I was down 5 pounds on day twelve I’m up 2.5 anyone else having this experience I’ve been real strict with this diet.

    1. Rose C Post author

      Hi Deb, I would think it’s just a normal fluctuation, unless you had a HUGE cheat meal in between the two weigh-ins. Most likely, monthly hormonal water retention, or water retention for other reasons. Don’t let it stop you!

      I prefer to only weigh once a week, because these fluctuations do happen (especially for women) and they can throw us right off if we take them too seriously.

      Best wishes and keep going! Rose

  2. Susana Barker

    My name is Susana Barker, i am a housewife. I has a fat body so i want to find a “best plans and tips to weight loss”. Thank for share this article!!!

    1. Rose C Post author

      I would use egg white protein powder, Angie, because I’m lactose intolerant. Does anybody else have any recommendations for a good low carb whey protein brand? I think you really just need to watch out for added carbs/sugars, and there are a lot of good brands.

      1. Susanne

        I use Designer Whey (Vanilla), it’s one of the only ones I have found that does not contain suclarose or aspertame, it contains stevia.

  3. charles townsend

    Can you use gram flour (chickpea flour) on the new you in 22 diet?

      1. Orlando

        Hi Rose,

        Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Angie asks you about the whey protein. Does this mean this diet expects you to use protein supplements? If so, are there also other supplements required?

        1. Rose C Post author

          Hi Orlando
          Thanks for visiting and sorry a computer failure meant I have taken a long time to reply to your question!
          You don’t have to have supplements but there are recipes for protein shakes for breakfast that include them. You could have other breakfasts like eggs and/or bacon, however. I don’t think any other supplements are required.
          Hope that helps

  4. Mike

    Very impressed overall, a lot of mistakes in the recipe part of the plan, it does not always match the shopping list part of the plan. As well as often the portions are a mess but aside from that. I am averaging 1/2 lb per day weight loss. That said I am working out 3 times a week and drinking about. 1 gallon of h2o per day. Most important is that. I’m burning fat.

    1. Rose C Post author

      That’s great Mike. Excellent weight loss and it certainly is a good program for burning fat.


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