New You In 22 Results – Day 12

New You In 22 has been renamed The Metabolic Factor.
Keep reading – everything on this site relates to the new program!

I’ve lost 5.2 pounds in 11 days on the New You In 22 program. Here’s a graph of my New You In 22 results so far, i.e. my weight loss up to today (the morning of Day 12):

My New You In 22 results - day 12

You can see there is a blip where I gained one day. Sometimes that happens for no reason, but here it marks the carb feast. It’s not always going to happen after a carb feast, it depends how crazy you go with your feasting. I mean if you just have a couple of potatoes with your dinner for your ‘feast’, that’s probably not going to affect your weight even for a minute.

I did a little more than that. I went to dinner at a friend’s house and had bread sticks and thick soup and potatoes and more that I won’t go into in case it gives you cravings 😉

But whatever the reason, the important thing when you have a gain is DO NOT FREAK OUT. Stick to the plan. The weight WILL come off again and in most cases it will bring more with it.

In New You In 22, Jonny Bowden time-limits the carb feasting sessions and it’s a huge help if you keep to that, especially if you’re a binge eater like me. If I was told I could eat anything for a whole day, I’d hear that as a challenge. I’d be like “Okay, let’s see how much I can put away in 24 hours” … and it would be a LOT. Probably more calories than I had eaten in the whole of the rest of the week.

So don’t worry, you won’t be doing that on this program as long as you follow it right, because you’re not allowed to feast for anything like 24 hours at one time. And as you can see on the graph, my little gain came right off again the very next day.

I’m getting great results with this diet plan (now renamed The Metabolic Factor) – I hope you’ll try it and see for yourself. Here’s the link to the site:

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