My New You In 22 Weight Loss – Day 22

New You In 22 has been renamed The Metabolic Factor.
Keep reading – everything on this site relates to the new program!

So I’ve completed the 22 days of Jonny Bowden’s New You In 22 weight loss program. Here’s a graph of my results with more information below:
New You In 22 weight loss day 22

New You In 22 Weight Loss

I’ve lost exactly 9 pounds in 3 weeks on the program. As I said when I started, I was not very overweight, only 15 pounds above my target, so I think that’s a good loss. I’d expect to lose more if I had more weight to lose, because other things being equal, a heavier person will lose more weight on the same food. Our bodies needs more energy to maintain when we’re at a higher weight.

I can feel that I’ve burned fat, too. I feel fitter – although there’s very little exercise involved, just walking, and I didn’t do much more of that than I normally would anyway – and my clothes are looser! I’m starting to think about the next size down 🙂

But of course, individual results will vary, and if you decide to try Jonny Bowden’s new diet program for yourself, you may lose more or less than I did.

How It Went

I enjoyed the program a lot more than I expected, and found it much easier than I expected, too. This was my first attempt at ‘carb cycling’ and I was afraid that I might lose control and binge on the higher carb meals. But that didn’t happen.

I liked being able to plan my higher carb ‘feasts’. It made cravings much easier to control when I could say to myself, “You can have that on Tuesday (or whenever), if you still want it.” Sometimes I did still want whatever it was, and I had it. Other times I had lost interest and chose something else.

I follow a low carb diet most of the time because I find that it gives me a lot more energy and helps me burn fat, but the low carb days here were stricter than I’m used to. Again it was made much easier because I didn’t have to keep it up for more than a few days together, except in the beginning when there is a longer low carb period to kickstart the diet. So this wasn’t a problem either.

How It Compares With Other Diets

It’s real hard to compare with other diets because I’m not in a laboratory situation where I’m testing a ton of different diets at the same time – you can’t do that when you only have one body! When I’ve done low carb dieting with no carb cycling in the past, I’ve lost more in the first 3 weeks, but I’d be more likely to go off the plan. And I was starting from a higher weight.

Any Problems?

I did get a little worried when the weight loss wasn’t totally linear because of the higher carb days. I weighed myself every day – which may not be the best plan, but I get a little freaked out if I don’t know what’s happening with my weight when I’m trying a new diet.

So as you can see on the graph there are some days when I gained. But the gains always came off again very fast. And when I think about it, any time I’ve been on a diet there have been those ‘blips’. On other diets it’s because I go off plan for one reason or another. Here it was a part of the plan.

This does make it easier to cope with the gains because you don’t have that feeling that you’ve blown it – which can so easily become an excuse for abandoning the diet completely. It helps to look at the big picture and see that line on the graph going downward overall.

In Summary…

To summarize, I think Jonny Bowden’s New You In 22 weight loss plan is great if you feel that low carbing or paleo-style diets suit your body and tastes, but you want more flexibility. You can use that flexibility for meals out, parties or just knowing that there will be times coming up when you can go ahead and satisfy those cravings, without going off the plan.

Where Do I Go From Here?

I’m still 6 pounds above my target, so I figure I’ll repeat the 3 weeks right away without a break. Maybe one more round of New You In 22 and I’ll be at my goal? Would be nice!

New You In 22 has now been renamed The Metabolic Factor. You can see my full review here, or use the link below to order and try it for yourself:

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6 thoughts on “My New You In 22 Weight Loss – Day 22

  1. Katia


    I am in day 12 of new you in 22 and i have a huge amount of weight to lose what would you recommend me to do to carry on losing weight after this program?
    Thank you ever so much

    1. Rose C Post author

      Hi Katia

      If you’re doing well with it, I would continue. You can just repeat the program. Try to work in a good variety of foods and meals by using the recipe suggestions, and planning different things for your carb meals. You can make it more flexible by having your carb meals on days when you are eating out, as long as you have the same number of carb meals over the whole 22 days each time.

      You could also try adding a few things back, of the healthier options like beans, fruit, higher carb vegetables – but be careful with this – I would only have them occasionally and check whether they affect your weight or give you cravings. I cannot eat much fruit at all because it messes with my blood sugar levels and gives me terrible cravings.

      If you have health issues of course you should check with a doctor, but I’ve figured out a plan that works for me long term, and I’m sure you can do the same!

      Well done on your progress so far 🙂

  2. CNF

    Hi –
    I am a ‘very’ picky eater / and I’m always sorry when I order a weight loss plan, only to find out I am supposed to eat Salmon three times a week/ avacadoes / tomatoes / – etc … a whole bunch of foods I do not like.
    I tried Chris Powells carb cycling, and that’s when I found it required eating certain foods that I didn’t like.
    I wish I could know this going in, and I could save myself a LOT of heartache and disappointment. Any insight you can give me ? ( ie foods required that I don’t like)

    1. Rose C Post author

      Hi CNF,
      This plan doesn’t require eating any particular foods. There is a meal plan and recipes for shakes which I guess you won’t want to follow, but there is also a list of foods on page 80 of the main guide where you can just pick what you want and eat from those lists – that is what I did, for all meals. I didn’t follow any of the recipes.

      Of course I don’t know what you like, and I can’t give away the list because it’s not mine to do that. If you only like high carbohydrate foods, a low carb or carb cycling diet is probably not the right choice. But if you like some protein foods and some lower carb vegetables, it should be possible, and the more of those things you like, the easier it will be.

      Also, I found when I started a low carb diet that I started liking foods I didn’t like before – but I can’t guarantee that will happen for anyone else, of course.


  3. Sallie

    It’s awesome to see your results. I got the plan. I hope I can do as well!

    1. Rose C Post author

      I’m sure you will have great results, Sallie, if you follow it the same way!


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