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New You In 22 has been renamed The Metabolic Factor.
Keep reading – everything on this site relates to the new program!

What Is The Metabolic Factor?

THe Metabolic Factor is the new fat-burning diet from Jonny Bowden, designed to help people burn fat, boost their metabolism and improve their health in 22 days: in other words, to lose weight in 3 weeks.

It’s been designed with cheat meals which have been found to be one of the best ways to help people stick to a diet. As we all know, diets work if we can stick to them – right? So anything that helps us keep to the plan will help us lose weight. Cheat meals can do that provided the rest of the plan is structured in the right way.

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There’s a basic plan for easy weight loss and an advanced plan if you want to burn fat faster.

What You Get

You can pick either the instant download version only, or printed books which are shipped to you – and then you get the instant download version as a bonus. The price is the same except that of course there’s a packing and shipping charge if you want the physical books.

I recommend getting the printed books because it’s so much easier to refer to them. But either way, you can access the downloadable system on your computer right away, even if it’s the middle of the night. Here’s what you get:

New You in 22 Review - Metabolic Transformation Guide1. The Metabolic Transformation Guide, a 117-page book that explains every aspect of the plan, including the theory and step-by-step instructions for what you can eat, when, and anything else you need to do to assure your weight loss. Go straight to chapter 12 if you want to see the step-by-step plan right away.

New You in 22 Review - Quick Start Guide2. A Quick Start Guide that summarizes the plan with exactly what you need to eat and do to start burning fat.

I found this a very clear outline of the plan – in fact, I started the program from this without even reading the whole of the Transformation Guide.

New You in 22 Review - Metabolic Meals Blueprint3. The Metabolic 10 Minute Meals, that gives you meal plans with recipes you can follow through the 22 days.

This is the easiest way to figure out what to eat on the plan, but you don’t have to stick to these meals. If you don’t want to make any recipes at all, there’s also a ‘roll your own’ section in the Guide where you can just pick from a list of foods and make whatever you want.

4. Motivational emails to keep you focused and motivated – so you don’t have to go it alone!

5. Progress Tracker Checklists that you can print off for each week of the program and check off all of the things you’ve completed. This sounds like a tiny thing but it really helps! You feel you’re achieving something and you know exactly where you are with the plan. We’re still kids at heart, wanting those gold stars!

Metabolic Factor Results

This is a new fat-burning program that has only just been launched to the public, but I had the opportunity to test the previous edition myself before the launch. I followed the ‘basic’ plan for 22 days as recommended and lost 9 pounds, which is great for somebody who was not very overweight in the beginning. Here’s a graph showing my losses:

New You In 22 weight loss day 22

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Of course, Jonny Bowden’s company has also done extensive research on it including testing it on hundreds of volunteers. They told me,

“We ran over 400 people through our program and developed a private Facebook page where our full-time nutritionist responded to everyone and the good news is that we’ve had remarkable results. The bottom line is that New You in 22 works better than anything we’ve developed in the 9 years we’ve been doing this.”

How much weight you can lose in the 3 weeks will depend on whether you pick the ‘basic’ plan as I did or the ‘advanced’ plan, plus a lot of individual factors. These include your starting weight, your activity levels, your metabolism and what you choose to eat for your cheat meals. There’s a lot of difference between having an all-out binge and just adding rice to your dinner!

However, Jonny claims that you will lose weight in the 3 weeks even if you pick the all-out binge, provided you stick to the timing and follow the rest of the program carefully. My own experience confirms this, I did have a couple of binges and showed a gain on the scales the next day but it soon came off and more with it. You can see more about my results on the plan here.

What You Need To Know About This Program

You’ll probably have some questions about the Metabolic Factor program that you want answered before you start. Let’s take them one by one.

“How Much Can I Lose?”

Of course there’s a limit to how much weight a person can possibly lose in 3 weeks. This is one of the easiest weight loss methods I’ve come across because you can ‘legally’ indulge your cravings at the cheat meals, but if you have a lot of weight to lose you’ll need to either repeat it (which works fine) or maybe switch from the basic plan to the advanced plan or vice versa at the end of the 22 days to give you some variety.

You don’t need to decide this now – the best time to make this decision would be when you are a couple of weeks into the program.

“What Can I Eat On The Carb-Controlled Days?”

The two meal plan/recipe books, the Metabolic Meals Blueprint and Metabolic Meals For Life, give you a lot of ideas for carb-controlled meals. There’s also a ‘Roll Your Own’ section of the program that allows you to create your own meals if you don’t want to follow the menus and recipes in the meal plan and ‘Meals for Life’ guide.

I liked the idea of ‘roll your own‘ but the list of foods there is much more restrictive than the foods that are included in the planned meals. In some cases I imagine this is because there are foods it’s okay to eat a little of, in a recipe, but not a lot, which you might do if you were creating your own recipes.

I have created a bonus that will help you with this limitation and some other aspects of the program. Here are the details of that.

“How Do I Get Your Exclusive Bonus?”

To get my bonus, order the program here now. Then go to my contact page and tell me the date and approximate time that you ordered, and I’ll email the bonus to you. Be sure to use an email address that you will check! I won’t use it for any other purpose.

“Do I Have To Work Out?”

Most fat-burning plans require you to haunt the gym, but if you’re like me and don’t enjoy working out, you’ll be happy to know you don’t need a gym membership with this program! The only exercise you have to do on the basic plan is regular walking, and even on the advanced plan you can do everything by going around your own block, at the mall or wherever you like to walk.

Instead of just focusing on exercise, Jonny Bowden introduces other sneaky tricks that he says will help you burn the most fat with the least effort. I can’t reveal those secrets here!

“Does the Metabolic Factor Work For Vegetarians?”

Vegetarians and vegans find some low carb diets difficult because they don’t have many protein options. The Metabolic Factor does rely on you eating meat or fish, so if you’re vegetarian and want to follow a low carb diet, you’d need to substitute beans (which are higher in carbs) and/or cheese for the meat and fish, and this might have an impact on results.

However, for regular meat eaters I think this plan is a great way to kickstart your weight loss and burn fat fast.

Where To Buy New You In 22

If you want to try the New You In 22 diet (now renamed The Metabolic Factor), watch out for pirated imitations that won’t give you all of the fat-burning benefits you’ll get from the real thing.

This program is only available from the official website where you get not only the main Metabolic Factor PDF Guide to the program, but also the essential meal plans, quick start guide and checklists, plus access to the support website.

Having support from others on your weight loss journey is vital to your success so be sure to use the link at the end of this article to get the full program with access to the support you’ll need.

Metabolic Factor Review Summary

From my research and by testing it on myself, I think this plan is a great way to burn fat and kickstart your weight loss. Low carb diets are the best way to lose weight in my experience, and The Metabolic Factor with its ‘cycling’ and feast days is very easy to stick to. It seems to be very well researched and designed to give you the best chance of losing your extra pounds.

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The Metabolic Factor


30 thoughts on “The Metabolic Factor Review

  1. Emilia J

    Hi, due to the panedemic I want to have this delivered to my home. Is that possible?

    1. Rose C Post author

      Sure, the shipping option always delivers to whatever address you enter there.
      Also you will get the instant downloadable version where you can download to your computer or phone.

    1. Rose C Post author

      I don’t like to quote the cost because it might change. If you’re lucky they will have a discount offer. You can see what’s available right now at the bottom of the page here: Metabolic Factor

    1. Rose C Post author

      International shipping is crazy expensive. I would order the downloadable version if I were you. Then there is no shipping cost at all. You log in online and download everything.

    1. Rose C Post author

      I think they ship pretty fast, but if you ordered already and you need an exact shipping date, you should contact the company:

      Also you should receive an email with instructions for the download version which is available for no extra cost, so you can get started right away.

  2. Mary Orndorff

    I started the program in Oct.20 and have finished the program for a 6.5lb loss. Would have liked to have lost more but it’s better than gaining 6.5lbs. I have a lot further to go so I will be repeating the program. do I also need to repeat the initial 10 day no carb fast or have the glycogen reserves already been depleted and I just to do the 4 day carb fast

    1. Rose C Post author

      Congratulations! It’s up to you but you can just do the 4 days.

  3. Christina

    I’m on day 17 of the diet and have been feeling really tired. It usually starts that I loose energy around 4pm. Normally I love to work out too but I’ve been too tired on the diet to keep up my regular routine. I’m thinking about adding in a snack. Or I had the idea of eating pumpkin. Then I double checked the list of approved foods for the non carb days and both pumpkin and spaghetti squash are listed even though they are not in any of the meals on the meal plan. Has anyone else included these foods into their meals? I’m a student and wonder if I need a little extra starch to fuel my brain. :/

    1. Rose C Post author

      I include those foods in meals, but I wouldn’t eat them alone for a snack. Could you have some protein with it? Make a pumpkin omelet, maybe? Or try having some with lunch and see how you feel in the afternoon. You may need to adjust the diet to suit your lifestyle, but adding a higher carb food on its own will often lead to a ‘carb crash’ later, and back into that vicious cycle.

  4. Francis Hamilton

    I’ve bought the program, and I’ve followed the instructions for downloading the check lists, but cannot find how to get them.
    Very frustratingI

    1. Rose C Post author

      Francis, you should really contact support, but to save you time, I have sent them to you by email.

  5. samantha


    1. Rose C Post author

      Hi Samantha

      Did you already order? If yes, you should be able to download and get started right away. If you cannot find the login details I can forward your question to the customer support team (I am just another customer, not the company representative!) Let me know and I will do that. But currently I do not have your correct email address. I tried to email this reply to you and it bounced back.

      If you didn’t purchase yet, you get to choose between download only or download plus copy in the mail. Either way, you can get started right away through the download version.

      Good luck with the program 🙂

  6. Christine

    I started this diet 6 days ago and have been doing well. Lost a few pounds already but had a major Slip today while helping grand daughter make Xmas cookies. I ate some!! What do I do? Should I just continue on and not take a scheduled carb feast day to make up?

    1. Rose C Post author

      Hi Christine, I’d say it depends how many you ate! If it was a lot, you could count it for your first carb meal and then move the next one forward a couple of days. If it was one or two cookies, you could just wait a couple more days for your first carb meal. It shouldn’t make a lot of difference in my opinion (as long as it doesn’t keep on happening!)

      Another time, you could have some low carb food right there on the counter while you make the cookies, so if you are tempted, you have something you can eat without problems.

      Congratulations on the loss and keep on going!

    1. Rose C Post author

      Sure, it’s a great plan. I eat low carb pretty much all the time, with breaks, just as in the plan.

  7. sheila dolinger

    for the love of God how do you buy this product? nothing appears at the end of this long long long video.

    1. Rose C Post author

      I have updated this now so the links on my review above will take you to a written page. You don’t have to watch any video.

  8. Lorraine Reynolds

    My friend told me about your e-books and I scanned it but some of your e-books are over 100 pages. I would find it very difficult to follow something that I have to access by searching through your e-books. I would prefer to buy an actual book. So I was wondering if you sell the actual books of your e-books.

    1. Rose C Post author

      Hi Lorraine

      I’m not the seller, just a reviewer, but yes you can get the actual books for the same price plus shipping. If you let the video play through, you should see both options at the end.

    1. Rose C Post author

      Hi Melin, for me the order page appears below the video after a certain time and if you leave it playing you should see it there at the end. If this is not working for you, you might want to try with a different browser, e.g. Chrome.

  9. Jenny

    I need the link to purchase the program. All the links above take me to the video which I have watched many times already, but can’t get to purchase the actual e-books.


    1. Rose C Post author

      Hi Jenny, I have updated this now so the links will take you to a written page. You don’t have to watch any video.


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